Professional voice recording

We love expanding on your creativity, creating a sonic landscape with all the elements that make you sound as unique as you are. Our experienced and talented team of producers works hard to ensure the artist we work with achieves the goal that brought them to us. And when needed we know the best session musicians in the city. We create music for and with a wide range of clients across the music and media industries in different genres, such as: (contemporary) pop, funk, r&b, hiphop and trap. Contact us and we’ll gladly help you with:
When working on a music productions, it’s all about creating a unique sonic picture for the artist. That’s why we’ll spend a good amount of time on getting to know the story behind the client before we play our first note. We can’t wait to start shaping your picture.
When you’re about to present your songs to a third party, you obviously want to make sure they hear your best possible material. We will work on your 4-track demo and get you the best result possible for your budget.