voice recording agency

We majorly expertise in extending dubbing services to 100+ languages with a network of more than 2,000 dubbing artists and partner productions studios in over 50 countries.
Preparation : It all begins with receiving the materials from the clients. You just send in your content (any file format) and we will take care of the rest.
Script Translation : Being a leading LSP, we ourselves take care of the translations. Our creative team translates all the dialogue into the desired foreign language and forms the final script.
Choosing the Talent (Casting) : After the script is ready, time is for casting the appropriate talent. With experienced native speaking dubbing talent, we offer you many male and female talents with perfect pronunciation, style and tonality for your project, in a jiffy.
Voice Recording : Here, the dubbing director schedules the recording sessions of the voice actors and keenly supervises them. The process is time consuming, as it needs proper lip sync with the video.
Dialogue Mixing : The idea here, is to clean the dialogues, if having any issues. Also, the volume levels, pace, pitch, speech and expression are adjusted, if not appropriate.
Quality Control : This is the vital stage of the post productions process. At this stage, the prepared file is checked for any errors in the dubbed file.
Release : After passing through our quality control process, we deliver the projects as soon as possible. In this final step we ensure to provide services in various formats (stereo, Blu-ray, DVD).